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Food Australia - FEATURED ARTICLES July - September 2022

Free access to featured articles from food australia July - September 2022:

1. The role of food science and technology in sustainable food systems 

By Jay Sellahewa

Throughout the history of mankind, food has played a critical role in all cultures by providing nourishment, improving wellbeing and connecting us with each other and our natural environment.  

However, the way we currently produce, process, transport and consume food utilises significant amounts of finite resources and has an adverse impact on the environment.  

How can food science and technology help transform our food systems and create a world that is devoid of global humanitarian problems related to hunger, malnutrition, conflicts, poverty and inequality, without compromising the health of our planet? 

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2. Strategic approaches to addressing food safety                                                      

By Deon Mahoney

Illness associated with contaminated food is a widespread problem across the world and a significant cause of reduced economic productivity. 

Recent resolutions from the World Health Assembly (WHA) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) are now focussed on strengthening efforts on food safety and seeking to update current global strategies.  

These new resolutions include a call to address current and emerging food safety challenges, incorporate new food control and monitoring technologies and explore innovative approaches for strengthening food safety systems.                                                                                                       

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Dr Jay Sellahewa

Mr Deon Mahoney

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