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AIFST Ltd membership fees, once paid and processed, are not refundable other than in exceptional circumstances. All applications for refund must be made in writing, setting out the exceptional circumstances claimed.

The AIFST Ltd will, on a case-by-case basis, consider all refund applications and the AIFST’s decision in each case will be final. Refund of membership fees will incur an administrative fee of $20.00 (Inc.GST), which will be deducted before membership fees are refunded.

Events cancellation or transfer policy

Notification of cancellation of your registration for an event must be made in writing emailed to AIFST via or by calling +61 447 066 324.  Notification must include all relevant information regarding the credit card to which a possible refund may be remitted.

If the notification is received by AIFST five (5) working days or more before the date of the event, AIFST will provide you with a refund of the fee. No refunds will be made for cancellations made less than five (5) working days before an event.   

No refunds will be given for your cancellation of, or non-attendance at, any part of an event, for example, if you registered for a two-day workshop, there is no refund for day one if you only attend day two.

If you wish to send a substitute person to the event or activity in your place, you may do so by notifying AIFST at least 24 hours prior to the event date by emailing or by calling +61 447 066 324.

Where an error has been made by any person or a banking facility, which results in an overpayment being made by any third party to the AIFST Ltd, the AIFST Ltd may, in consultation with that third party, arrange a refund for the total amount to the bank account nominated by the third party, after deducting any costs incurred by the AIFST Ltd.

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