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Our Purpose:

Uniting food industry professionals in the science of feeding our future.

Our Mission:

To advance and inspire all food sector professionals through education, collaboration and recognition to champion a robust, innovative science based Australian food industry to meet future food needs.

Who Are We?

Formed in 1967, The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST) represents food system professionals working in all facets of the food industry: food science, food technology, engineering, sensory, new product development, innovation, regulatory, QA, nutrition, microbiology and food safety, as well as those in leadership positions within the academic, industry and private sectors. 

AIFST is independent of government, industry, lobby or special interest groups.

AIFST Strategic Plan 2024

The 2024 Strategic Plan is built around our key pillars of grow, learn, connect and champion

Core Values

AIFST’s core values ensure we deliver against our strategic objectives including:

    • Developing and nurturing our members and their passion for the Australian food industry.

    • Supporting our members to effectively operate within a global environment.

    • Delivering consistent value to our members and stakeholders.

    • Striving for customer service excellence for our members and stakeholders.

    • Driving operational excellence through continuous improvement to ensure we are operating under world-leading best practice.


    • We provide a suite of services for our members and the industry to expand their knowledge and networks, thereby advancing Australia’s position as a sustainable, world-leading food industry.

    • We actively monitor current and emerging industry trends, track insights into the latest innovations and provide project management services to the Australian food industry.

    • We support the continued growth of the Australian food industry by building the skills, capacity and networks of food industry professionals to ensure they generate value within the global operating environment.

    • We advocate the crucial role food industry professionals play in ensuring sustainable, safe, world-leading food is delivered to Australia and the world.

    • We keep members and stakeholders up-to-date and informed on relevant news and opportunities.

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