Applications are now open for the 2017 50th Anniversary AIFST awards to be presented at ICC, Sydney on 17 July 2017. To enter: JOIN AIFST NOW!


2017 Student Product Development Competition

Theme: Future Proofing our Food
A unique opportunity to experience a “real life” new product development project and gain exposure to industry experts, peers and future employees within the food industry.  More

Initial entry submission due: 10 April 2017  Finalist team selection announced: 18 April 2017  Proof of concept submission: 6 June 2017  
Finalist written proposals submission: 3 July 2017  Presentation - 50th Annual AIFST Convention Sydney: 18-19 July

2017 Entrant Handbook - Rules and Procedures

The AIFST Young Members Malcolm Bird Commemorative Award

This award is for young AIFST members who demonstrate academic achievement, leadership and integrity in their profession.
More  Applications close 13 April

Pictured: 2016 winner Jessica Tan with AIFST CEO, Georgie Aley.


AIFST Sensory Award in honour of Tony Williams

This award is for young members - students and young professionals - who demonstrate academic achievement, interest, enthusiasm and integrity in Sensory Research. More  Applications close 13 April

Pictured: 2016 winner Julia Low.


AIFST Food Innovation Award

AIFST may acknowledge a significant new development in a process, product, ingredient, equipment or packaging which has achieved successful commercial application in any section of the Australian food industry.  More  Applications close 13 April

Picture: 2016 winner - The Allergen Bureau

AIFST President's Award 

AIFST may recognise, acknowledge and acclaim an individual or an organisation who has made an outstanding contribution to the Institute. More  Applications close 13 April

AIFST Award of Merit in honour of Keith Farrer 


Acknowledges achievements within food science and technology in the wide areas of research, industry and education, and may take cognisance of contributions made to further the aims and objectives of the Institute.  More  Applications close 13 April


The AIFST Book Prize in honour of Bruce Chandler

Awarded to AIFST members who are authors of books considered to make the greatest contribution to the literature on food.  
More  Applications close 13 April

AIFST Best Paper Award in honour of Jack Kefford 

Recognises the contribution to food science and technology of members of the Institute who publish research and technical papers. More  Applications close 13 April


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