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Fellow - $320

A Fellow of AIFST is the highest level of our membership and is reserved for members who have dedicated themselves to the progression of the food industry and of the Institute. Along with the relevant experience, they also need to be supported by two other Fellows and a nominating Fellow. Fellows are able to use the post-nominals FAIFST. Fellows, Honorary Fellows and Professional Members have full voting rights, may be office bearers of the Institute, and can nominate applicants for membership.

Applications to become a Fellow:

Professional Members may apply to become Fellows of the Institute if they meet all the criteria below:

    • Have given outstanding service in at least one area of:
      • Research and development leading to creation of new knowledge;
      • Technology transfer and education;
      • Development of the food industry including promotion of its ethical standards and public image; AND
    • Have been a Professional Member of the Institute:
      • For at least ten years; or
      • For at least three years, and a professional member of an equivalent institution involved with food science and technology for a period of time, such that total professional membership is no less than ten years; AND
    • Have contributed to the profession of food science and technology through development of the affairs of the Institute or an equivalent professional body; AND
    • Have been proposed by a Fellow and supported by another two Fellows.

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