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VIC COI Sugar Refinery Tour Official Presentation - October 2016
My Brekky Bowl Forum - Australian Breakfast Cereal Manufacturers - August 2016
The Current Consumer - Cross Pollinate Tasmania - August 2016
Food Trends and the Consumer - PASA - August 2016
2016 Trends and Insights - Corporate Nutrition Interest Group - Dietitans Association of Australia - April 2016
ILSI Sugar Highlights of Pangborn - Campbell Arnotts - February 2016

Packaging performance for your products - September 2016

This seminar was developed to provide participants with information to ensure that the choice of food packaging is based upon current industry information and innovative practices and complies with current regulations.

  • Standards and regulations
  • Active packaging
  • Shelf Life verification and validation - including food safety
  • Shelf life extension
  • Packaging choices and innovation

Packaging considerations for your product - Keith Chessell
Packaging design for a future me - Daryl Thompson
Modified packaging concept for shelf stable fruits - Mala Gamage
Antimicrobials and antioxidants increasing the shelf life of packaged foods - Marlene Cran
New options for your packaging - Mike O'Shea
What's new and what's needed - Michael Van Dord
Shelf life verification and validation - Barry McGookin


AIFST & CSIRO - "By popular request"- Toddler foods - August 2016

Focussed specifically on toddler foods including:

  • The nutritional needs and food choices for health and development of toddlers.
  • Food standards and regulations relevant to these foods.
  • Processing considerations and options for processing.
  • Food safety considerations.
  • Market insights.

Nutrition and toddlers: Unique needs influencing lifelong health - Rebecca Byrne
The mother and the market - Sarah Hyland
Food preference development in young children - Astrid Poelman
Toddlers - Vulnerable populations and food safety - Cathy Moir
What has worked and what hasn't: Designing foods for toddlers - A Market Perspective - Joanne Bills


AIFST & CSIRO - Foods for infants and toddlers - May 2016

Infant and toddler foods are market segments that have displayed significant growth in recent times. Many manufacturers are keen to enter into this area but may not have the expertise or understand the requirements from a such a highly regulated market segment.

The Australian Synchotron: Partnering with Australian food producers - David Cookson
Infant and toddler feeding - Prof. Katie Allen
Infant foods - what could possibly go wrong? - Robert Williams
Food preference development in young children - Astrid Poelman
CSIRO's Food Innovation Centre - Darren Gardiner
Manufacturing formulas and process considerations - Justin Peace
Using milk composition and seasonality for functional infant formulas - Jared Raynes
Food safey aspects of food for 3-year-olds and under - Deon Mahoney
Traceability using GS1 Standards - Andrew Brown
What has worked and what hasn't - designing food for toddlers - a market perspective - Joanne Bills