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  • Webinar: Let's Talk About Microplastics in our Food

Webinar: Let's Talk About Microplastics in our Food

  • 13 Sep 2023
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Via Zoom


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Webinar: Let's Talk About Microplastics in our Food

We have all heard about the problems caused by plastics, and particularly microplastics, in our oceans. And you may have heard about recent research showing plastic particles in our drinking water, human organs and breast milk. But few people know that our terrestrial environments receive more plastic than the oceans. Even though most of our food comes from soil, the extent and impacts of microplastics on soil ecosystems, and the human food-chain, remain largely unknown.
In this webinar you find out about how microplastics are getting into our food. You’ll hear what we know about the effects of plastic particles on the human and environmental health. You’ll learn why we are particularly worried about the small plastic particles known as microplastics and why we should be paying more attention to the emerging issue of microplastic contamination in our soil and food.

Presenter: Suzie M. Reichman, University of Melbourne

Assoc. Prof. Suzie Reichman is a distinguished researcher and academic in the fields of ecotoxicology and soil chemistry.  She is an Associate Professor in the School of BioSciences at the University of Melbourne and has a PhD in mining remediation from the University of Queensland. Suzie’s research aims to reduce the risk of soil contamination to humans and the environment.  Her research provides evidence-based outcomes that are used by government, industry and the community to determine risks, make decisions and more safely manage polluted environments. Suzie is currently undertaking research on the impacts of microplastics and PFAS in soil, and ecotoxicology research that is helping to establish soil quality guidelines for contamination assessment and remediation in Antarctica.

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