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Sharon Natoli Workshop: How to Speak Confidently in Workplace Meetings

  • 11 May 2022
  • 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM


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How to Speak Confidently in Workplace Meetings

To communicate your value, influence outcomes and put forward ideas, having your voice heard in workplace meetings is critical.  Research shows the ability to speak up at work means you’re seen as more proactive, influential and gain more respect. You signal your leadership readiness and benefit from a reduction in the mental stress associated with keeping things to yourself.

However speaking up at work and contributing your thoughts and ideas in meetings is not always easy.  Even if your workplace environment is safe and supportive, and you’ve been told your voice matters, you may still find yourself holding back from speaking up.

If you can relate and would like to grow your confidence to share your voice in meetings, demonstrate your leadership readiness and build your influence, join Sharon Natoli for this online workshop in May. During the session, you will learn how to:

  1. Raise awareness of the barriers that can hold you back from speaking up.
  2. Break through these barriers to create an opening for change.
  3. Use effective strategies to reduce nervousness and enhance your presence.
  4. Use a simple method to deliver your message with impact.
  5. Use language to help get your point across.


As a result of attending, you will:

  • Have clear strategies you can apply to help you speak up with confidence and enhance your presence in meetings. 
  • Have greater awareness about how you can grow your influence at work
  • Understand the barriers that hold you back and the actions you can take to break through and create change.

About Sharon Natoli

Sharon Natoli helps individuals, teams and leaders find their voice, grow their presence and ignite their influence by speaking up with confidence.

Sharon has 30 years experience in one on one counselling, communication, media and spokesperson roles, and as an advisor to organisations throughout the food sector assisting brands find their voice through key message development. Her professional experience is complimented by her personal understanding and empathy about the internal barriers that hold people back from speaking up and sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions with confidence.

Through her coaching and training, Sharon now assists individuals to speak up and have their voices heard in workplace meetings and at the leadership table.

Her philosophy is that speaking up is a critical ingredient for demonstrating leadership readiness and making the career contribution you'd like to make.

Sharon is currently working on her next book - Find Your Voice - Speak Up & Be Heard by Mastering Your Self Talk and looks forward to seeing you at the workshop!

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