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  • Webinar - AFGC PIF V6.0 - #1 Ingredient Declaration (Section 2.1)

Webinar - AFGC PIF V6.0 - #1 Ingredient Declaration (Section 2.1)

  • 20 Mar 2020
  • 12:30 PM

Webinar #1

Topic: Ingredient declaration (Section 2.1)

Date: Friday March 20

Time: 12.30pm AEDT

Presenter: Fiona Fleming (PIF Manager)


The ingredient declaration section is the heart of PIF V6.0.

PIF V6.0 is structured in a different way to PIF v5.  A full list of ingredients including food additives, processing aids, vitamins and minerals for the product (sample, flavour, ingredient or retail ready product) is required. 

There are two options or approaches to choose from when completing PIF V6.0 – a full breakdown (Option 1) and a Summary (Option 2).  Each of these options will be reviewed in this webinar.

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