The AIFST 2018 Convention was held from 11 - 12 September 2018 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. The theme of the Convention was Innovate & Excite: Acting today to advance tomorrow with over 60-speakers addressing specific topics and factors which play a significant role in moulding and shaping the food industry of today. With over 500 delegates & visitors attending the Convention and Exhibition during the two-day event, it was a tremendous success.

Below are the presentations that have been made available by speakers. For further information on the Convention please see the Convention page or to download a copy of the program, click here.


Some presentations are available to be downloaded, these are highlighted in blue. We have not yet received permission to publish other presentations but please contact us if you are after a certain presentation. 


Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Opening Plenary

Public good with Private effort: Innovation in digital supply chains Ros Harvey, Founder and Managing Director, The Yield

IFTNEXT: Feeding Minds for Tomorrow's World Pam Coleman, VP Research Services for Merieux NutriSciences; President of Biofortis & IFT President-elect

Closing Plenary

Will solving Australia's $20B food waste problem end hunger in Australia? Brianna Casey, CEO, Foodbank Australia

Millennium Monitor 2018 Joan Young, CEO, Colmar Brunton

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Opening Plenary

Finding the next UBER in Food Dr Angeline Achariya, CEO, Monash Food Innovation Centre

Clustering accelerates success Dr Mirjana Prica

Building Healthier Foods - Connecting experts to Industry - case study Tom Debney

Plenary Session

The Beauty of Food - A Natural Innovation Cindy Luken, Founder & CEO, Lukbeautifood

Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation Brooke Donnelly, CEO, Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation

Bridging the gap with agriculture - the beef consumer of today Julie McDonald, Pindora Foods


Stream - Consumer Insights

Session 1.1: Catering to the Changing Consumer

Bold and Gold: NPD for the 60+ Consumer Sarah Hyland, SHYLAND

Consumer's Evolving Definition of "Healthy" Sharon Natoli, Food and Nutrition Australia

How Milennials are Shaping the Health Agenda Shelley McMillan, Mintel

Understanding the health and sustainability needs of Australians - a retailer perspective Monique Cashion, Woolworths

Session 1.2: Trends in Nutrition & Harnessing for the Consumer

'Vego' is the new black: the rise of plant-based eating Nicole Senior

The Glycemic INdex Symbol Program: making healthy choices easy choices Kathy Usic, GI Foundation

Consumer's perspective on "naturals" Sarah Kneebone & Becky SIlverside, PLAY Market Research

Am I bugging you? Insects - an innovative, nutritious food source for the future Skye Blackburn, Edible Bug Shop




Stream - Enabling Innovation

Session 2.2: Food and beverage fermentation: new world opportunties and real world challenges

Functional food ingredients from underutilized vegetable biomass via lactic acid fermentation Dr Netsanet Terefe, CSIRO

Australia's regulatory and business environment for artisan cheese: it's tough out there! Alison Lansley, Australian Specialist Cheesemakers Association

The Fermentary Roger Fowler, The Fermentary

Callenges on getting to the market Juraj Durco, FAPIC

A centre for excellence: Adding value to primary products Dr Tom Lewis, FermenTasmania



Stream - Supporting Innovation

Session 3.1: Insights into Asian Regulations 

Exporting to Asia: Where to Begin Chris Preston, ComplyANZ

Enabling Export Scott Bouvier & Lauren D'Ambrosio

Growing Dragons: Asia's Food IP Creators Adam Hyland, Franke Hyland

Session 3.2: Innovation in Food Safety - AAFP Symposium

Innovative method for Campylobacter monitoring in the poultry industry Thierry Sofia, bioMerieux SA

Use of whole genome sequencing from a meat industry perspective Dr Scott Chandry, CSIRO

Environmnetal Pathogen Monitoring in Food Manufacturing Jack van der Sanden, Think Outside The Square NZ

Striking a balance between innovation and safety in food regulation Dr Barbara Butow, FSANZ








Stream - What are you doing about...?

Session 4.2: Managing Food Waste - Strategies & Options 

National Food Waste Strategy Genevieive Bateman, FIAL

Introduction to the Fight Food Waste CRC Dr Steven Lapidge, FFW CRC

The role of packaging in reducing food waste Karli Verghese, RMIT

Why we waste food, Prof David Pearson, CQ University

Stream - Consumer Insights

Session 1.3: Gut Health for Good Health

Delivery and Application of meaningful Microbial Diversity data for Industry Greg Taylor, Microgenetix

Gut reactions: Gluten or FODMAPs, which is the real culprit responsible for triggering gut symptoms in non-coeliacs Dr Jane Muir, Monash University

Gut Microbiota: The impact of diet on gut microbiota and health Prof Mark Turner, University of Queensland

How gut health can inform a more precise approach to managing our health Prof Lynne Cobiac, CSIRO

Session 1.4: Consumer & Sensory Science

Review of Pangborn 2017 Annesley Watson

Review of SenseAsia 2018 Dr Soumi Paul Mukhopadyay, NSW DPI

Review of 12th ANZ Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium Dr Heather Smyth, University of Queensland

Faster and more cost effective - does Flash Profiling offer a new avenue for sensory and consumer research?  Gabriela Borgognone, DAF, QLD



Stream - Enabling Innovation

Session 2.3: Industry 4.0 in Australia's future food manufacturing

Industry 4.0 and Digitalization in Food and Beverage Leonie Wong, Siemens Ltd

Asahi 4.0 Anna Reid, Asahi Beverages

Industry 4.0 Armin Fahnle

New opportunities for food and beverage manufacturers Richard Cuthbert






Stream - Supporting Innovation

Session 3.3: Allergens

Benchmarking Allergen Management to GFSI Requirements Bill McBride, SQF

International agreements on allergen management and the Food Standards Code mandatory allergen declarations Lauren Kolstad, FSANZ

Interpreting guidance and regulations in relation to Retailers Allergen Requirements Brad Costello, SAI Global

AFGC Allergen Management and Labelling Guide Geoffrey Annison, Australian Food and Grocery Council

The Food Technology Association of Australia Peter Bush, P B Bush & Associates

Risk Review Interactive Website Lisa Warren, Allergen Bureau

VITAL* Program, Draft VITAL Standard and the VITAL Best Practice Allergen Labelling Guide for ANZ Kirsten Grinter, Allergen Bureau and Nestle Australia

Session 3.4: Innovations in Food Safety Systems

Are we there yet? Bill McBride, SQF

Transparency and ethical business: the SMETA way Clare Winkel, Integrity Compliance Solutions

The evolution of food safety certification schemes - more than just food safety Todd Redwood, BSI Asia Pacific



Stream - What are you doing about...?

Session 4.3: Food Fraud

The Food Fraud Toolbox: the weapons you need to fight food fraud Clare Winkel, Integrity Compliance Solutions

Bouncing back from food fraud: planning and executing a recovery for your bran and business Craig Elliott, P2R2 Consulting

The value of "Australian Made" and how to protect it Dr Denise Hamblin, Colmar Brunton & Chris Preston, ComplyANZ

Coles Approach to Managing Food Fraud in Supply Chains Andrea Currie, Coles

Session 4.4: Bridging the gap with Agriculture

Innovation for a Sustainable Dairy Industry Ian Olmstead, Dairy Australia

Horticulture - the Vital Industry David Moore, Horticulture Innovation Australia Limited

Next Generation Healthy Cereal Grains Dr Steve Jobling, CSIRO

How we can bridge AgTech to FoodTech to optimise opportunities, efficiencies, relationships and lessons learned Anne Maree Weston