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Food Science & Technology is an exciting and varied field of science which encompasses many disciplines. 

The resources here provide a window into the world of food science.

Explore the resources below to find out more.

AIFST - uniting food industry professionals in the science of feeding our future.


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USQ Food Science and Engineering Resources

NZIFST Food Technology in Action

NZIFST Food Science experiments to support the teaching of the science and technology curriculums
NZIFST NZIFST Study Resources
RSC How ice-cream is made 
RSC Food and drink chemistry infographics 
Use this collection of visually stimulating and informative infographics about the chemistry of food and drink as a valuable addition to your science classroom. 
Edible Experiments
Discover the importance of chemistry in everyday eating experiences 

Heart Foundation


 Food Technology resources
AIFST         Food Technology resources                                         FOOD SCIENCE FOR THE FUTURE​ CHALLENGES & OPPORTUNITIES Presentation slides

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