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2022 Convention - Day 1: Session 1.6

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2022 Convention Program Day 1 - Tuesday 23 August 2022 

Featured Speakers : Session 1.6 - Food Process Innovation

Dennis Forte 

D. Forte & Associates - Principal

Topic: Extrusion Process Development, Transfer and Scale-up


A chemical engineering graduate of the RMIT, Dennis Forte spent ten years with the MARS Corporation. During this time he was involved in both process and product development roles within the areas of Confectionery, Canned Pet Food and Dry Pet Food Extrusion Technologies.

He then spent five years with The Uncle Tobys Company as the Process Engineering Manager, where he was actively involved in the quantification and optimization of the various unit operations employed in the manufacture of Ready–To–Eat Breakfast Cereals and Snacks.

His key areas of expertise include Extrusion Processing, Mixing Technology (for Fluids and Solids), Process Modelling, Process Optimization and Drying Technology.

He is now practicing as an Independent Engineering Consultant to the food industry, providing technical support, design expertise and training to a broad range of manufacturers.

Presentation Overview:

Increasing the equipment size (i.e. typically extruder screw diameter) is the conventional way of increasing the processing rate of a given process, however, for a continuous process such as extrusion cooking technology it is possible for the user to re-design the process (e.g. via increasing the barrel length, to maintain the residence time or via screw profile optimization) in order to increase the processing rate, whilst maintaining the product quality.

An associated, however, different concept is that of process transfer, wherein it is sought to reallocate the manufacture of a product from one extruder to another extruder, perhaps of a different brand, size, type, etc. This is quite a common industrial practice, although it is often achieved in a less than optimal manner; with the product quality often being sacrificed.

This presentation outlines the some of the challenges involved in delivering a successful process scale-up and the process transfer for the manufacture of a savoury snack food. 

Michael Salini

Deakin University - Research Fellow 

Topic: Aquafeed - Formulation and Production


Michael has worked in aquaculture research across a variety of marine and freshwater species. He has in-depth commercial knowledge of the Australian aquaculture and feed industry, including extrusion technology. He currently works at the NuSea.Lab, Deakin University after 6 years experience as a product development manager in a commercial R&D environment. With aquaculture experience in the conduct of applied, fundamental and commercial R&D, with a particular focus and passion for tropical species. Michael has an extensive network of collaborators in Australia and internationally.

Presentation Overview:

The presentation will cover off topics like basics in decision making for aquafeed formulating, improved nutrition for aquatic species, aquafeed extrusion and feed objectives and a brief summary of industry challenges.

Penny Brereton  

Nutri V - Commercial Director

Topic: Turning vegetable waste into healthy snacks


Penny Brereton is the Commercial Director for Nutri V and a Consultant for TSM Advisory.

Penny is an experienced professional in the areas of commercial advisory work, including supporting start-up businesses, project management, risk management, compliance, financial modelling and tendering.

Penny's experience provides valuable skills across the full project management life cycle for outsourced contracts and extensive experience in dealing with the compliance required in the context of government contracts and other highly regulated environments.

Presentation Overview:

Our mission at Nutri V is to see 100% crop yield used, with non-retail and waste produce converted into nutritious and delicious foods and ingredients that will increase vegetable consumption in our population via a sustainable food supply model.

This presentation will provide an overview of our first consumer product Nutri V Goodies - a vegetable-loaded snack that is good for the consumer and good for the planet. 

Contact Details: 


Assoc. Prof Asgar Farahnaky 

RMIT UNI - Associate Professor in Food Innovation 

Topic: Extrusion technology for creating textured plant-based foods


Asgar is a highly motivated Food Technology and Innovation research leader with extensive working experience in Europe in, Asia and Australia and has a passion for industry-led research/innovation. Asgar leads a successful research team (Food Innovation team) at RMIT University and works closely with the food industry on innovative products or technologies. Currently focusing on plant products including plant-based meat products and ingredients, emerging technologies, repurposing/transformation of manufacturing by-products into high value food ingredients. Keen to help the Australian Food Industry to innovate new health promoting foods.

Presentation Overview:

In this presentation extrusion technology and its performance will be discussed for creating textured plant-based foods. Process conditions and role of main ingredients will be discussed in the context of product quality. Opportunities and challenges will be reviewed.

Contact Details: 


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