Watch AIFST Webinar: Balancing Act – Reforming Australia’s Measurement Law


By Nunzio Crustaudo and Anthony Donnellan


On 28 June 2018, Mr Anthony Donnellan and Mr Nunzio Cristaudo from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, provided a talk on the Australian Government’s Measurement Law Review and how it relates to the food industry.


Launched in November 2017, the review seeks to identify any aspects of Australia's measurement framework that can be modernised, streamlined or simplified to better meet the needs of a modern economy.


Australia’s current measurement framework was developed in response to the technological and social environment of the 20th Century.

But the opportunities and challenges Australia faces in the 21st Century are different. Innovation in science, technology and industry raise the question of whether the current framework should be adjusted to respond and capitalise on our changing environment.


The Australian Government recognises the key role of measurement in trade, health, science and more. Through this review, the Australian Government is seeking to ensure the nation has a competitive, innovative measurement framework that can support our economic and social wellbeing now and into the future.