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VITAL® 2.0 has been developed to provide a risk-based methodology for food producers to assess the impact of allergen cross-contact and to assist in providing appropriate precautionary allergen labeling. DTS FACTA is endorsed by the Allergen Bureau to deliver this training.
DTS’ experienced facilitator has a professional and down-to-earth style that incorporates real-life scenarios to ensure the training is relevant to you and your workplace.


Jasmine Lacis-Lee is a specialist in food safety management. Jasmine regularly consults with many organisations from the largest global businesses through to single hospital kitchens. Jasmine provides strategies for managing food allergen and microbiological risks, conducting risk assessments, providing guidance on equipment installations and validations; as well as providing client-specific training in food safety risks.


Who should attend this course?
Individuals working in food service and food manufacturing facilities involved in operations/production, production scheduling, food safety, and QA managers and Research and Development personnel. The principles of risk profiling and allergen management are applicable to the broader food industry, incorporating raw material providers, manufacturers, co-packers, traders, food service and retail.
What areas will the training cover?
- General Food Allergy, Labelling, and Analysis
- Principles of allergen management
- VITAL® 2.0 and how it has transformed the reference dose concept
- The context in which it should be used, the application for raw materials, goods for further processing and finished products
- Use of VITAL® as a risk assessment and management tool
- Practical examples to work through using theVITAL® 2.0 Online Calculator