As Convener of the Young Professionals Community of Interest Committee, I can't wait for the AIFST 50th Anniversary Convention taking place shortly! I hope to see many Young Professionals at our breakfast on the Tuesday morning. 
As a young member, I know that networking is now more important than ever before. I've been privileged enough to meet so many professionals through the Institute, and I want to make sure everyone gets this opportunity too. If you know of a young professional who may be interested in joining the Institute, I'd love to connect with them to share my experiences!
Much like the Institute I am getting ready to celebrate a milestone of my own. After recently completing my thesis with Campbell Arnott's, I am seeking to transition into full time work. 
Without AIFST I wouldn't have found many of my part time experiences, or learnt valuable skills needed to work in the industry. So I hope to be celebrating the 100th anniversary with AIFST in another 50 years!