Public Paper - Teamwork and Communication Cross Sector Project


Teamwork and communication skills are essential for workers in any occupation, at any level of an organisation, and in any industry. PwC's Skills for Australia conducted research and held extensive consultations throughout August and September 2017 into the emerging Teamwork and Communication skills needs across multiple industries, as part of the cross sector project work being undertaken for the Federal Department of Education and Training (see here for more information: 

The Public Paper produced provides a summary of this research and consultation, as well as recommendations for improvements to Australia's vocational education and training system. This Public Paper may be of interest for those who wish to read more  about the latest trends, skills needs and vocational training opportunities for teamwork and communication. 

PwC's Skills for Australia are currently drafting 5 training products (3 pertaining to communication; 2 pertaining to teamwork), due for public consultation in early November.  To stay updated with progress, you can subscribe here and select 'Teamwork and Communication'. A final Case for Endorsement, which details the proposed changes to vocational training, will then be submitted to the Department of Education and Training by 31 December 2017.

If you have any queries, please contact Jessica Wong, PwC’s Skills for Australia,

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