Tuesday, 30 April 2019
8:00 am to 1:00 pm
The AFGC will be presenting further Product Information Form (PIF) training on Tuesday 30 April 2019 in Brisbane.

The PIF Training will comprise two major components:
1. PIF OVERVIEW. A detailed description of the AFGC’s Product Information Form Version 6 including:
a. Background and history of the PIF Development including the role of the AFGC and the licensed PIF Vendors
b. PIF V6 – System overview including the Vendors online portal system and provisions for exchanging PIFs between system users.
c. Details of the PIF V6 functionality. Additional features of change from PIF Version 5 to PIF V6, alignment of PIF V6 with current regulatory requirements, the flexibility of the PIF type, sending PIFs to recipients and much more
d. User support (guides, factsheets, AFGC Website) of PIF V6 available to assist companies to adopt the new PIF system
e. Future AFGC plans to support the PIF V6 and future upgrades.
2. PORTAL DEMO. Demonstration of the three Vendor Portals for generating and exchanging PIFs.
a. PIF Vendors Bizcaps, Hamilton-Grant and Oakbarrel will showcase their respective on-line portals through ‘hands-on’ demonstrations in a small group format.
b. Participants can be able to see the ease with which V6 PIFs can be generated and stored.

To provide the most ‘hands-on’ opportunities we intend to split the participants into two groups. The first group will attend the PIF OVERVIEW whilst the second group attends the PORTAL DEMO. Then half-way through the event the groups will swap.



AFGC and/or AIFST Members: $50.00 
Non-Members: $80.00


Further Information

Geoffrey Annison - 02 6273 1466