PLAY Market Research announces partnership with Monash Food Innovation Centre


Populating the pipeline for the future has been an ongoing challenge in FMCG. It's time to bring that future forward.

PLAY is a consumer market research agency that specialises in FMCG. The team have worked with many of the world’s biggest brands for product and pack testing, NPD, innovation and shopper research, customer experience, online communities, brand & comms, market understanding, and more.

Through their partnership with the Food Innovation Centre at Monash University, PLAY is striving to help Australian businesses make innovation a way of life.

By bringing together insight and innovation specialists, they are able to offer FMCGs and retailers a full suite of market research solutions as well as an enhanced innovation toolbox with unparalleled facilities in Australia (3D CAD printing, a 330-degree immersive screen, interactive VR and eye tracking, specialist licensed kitchen facilities, and more!).

This partnership means that there is now a way to combine foresight, insight, science and technology in order to create a complete end-to-end research process for the industry. It is now possible to accelerate the process for renovating existing products, as well as identifying when there is a need for real change. 

  • Watch the white space: visualise what the world could be and find opportunities before they become the new norm
  • Bring the future closer: leverage state of the art technology and turn ideas into a tangible reality sooner
  • Design in real time: carry out rapid testing and prototyping for product, packaging and point-of-sale
  • Create a point of difference: science backed, consumer tested

Fed up of all the classic innovation pain points, complexities and challenges? FMCG businesses now have the opportunity to work with one trusted partner throughout the entire product lifecycle - from the development of ideas through to product maturity. Awesome, right?

To find out more about how this partnership can help your business make innovation happen, head to

Alternatively, get in touch with PLAY on 02 8097 0200 or