1-2 February 2017
10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Western Sydney University Hawkesbury Campus

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More than 500 students over the past six years have attended the AIFST Food Science Summer School, coming together in a format that provides an avenue to learn, network and promote individual research projects.


  • Key invited speakers from the food industry can help to direct your career path by showcasing their work and what opportunities may be available in their company.
  • Presentations on research projects from academics and peers can highlight commonalities in your work and may provide answers to problems you have been grappling with.
  • Workshops are provided to enhance or introduce new skills and knowledge to aid you in your current work and future careers.
  • Tours can showcase what an industrial or research facility looks like in the “real world”, offering opportunities for you to ask firsthand any pressing concerns you may have, or how to get started in the industry.
  • Honing your presentation skills, gaining feedback from the audience, and being stretched in your ability to effectively communicate your research to an audience are invaluable skills to help you progress through your studies and onto the next stage in your career.


No communication avenue is better than face to face interaction!  Meeting and talking with peers, academics and industry personnel with expertise and knowledge in different areas can even build lifelong connections.