Tuesday, 14 May & Wednesday, 15 May 2019
9:00 am to 5:00 pm



To explore the nature of individual human variation in response to food choice and nutrient intake, and how that may initiate a new era of opportunity for personalised nutrition.

Population-based studies in food and nutrition have been essential in contributing to overall human wellbeing. However, improved understanding of ‘individual human variation’ in nutrient requirements has awaited advancements in nutrigenomics and the mathematical and social sciences. For example, the ‘omics sciences (genomics, proteomics, metabolomics)’ are providing new insight and understanding that can be applied to personalised nutrition with the ambitious objective of one-to-one product design.

Meet with leading global and regional experts who will present the latest science and discuss business implications and consider the regulatory environment for personalised nutrition with a focus on improved health and performance outcomes.


The conference will:

  1. Consider the evidence and nature of variability in human nutrition requirements and metabolic response
  2. Review current understanding of variation in the human genome with potential impacts on population and personal nutrition
  3. Address the integration of the ‘omics sciences’ and insights from medical studies which have led to an increased understanding of personalised health
  4. Consider the potential implications for consumers and food supply
  5. Discuss how the regulatory environment may need to evolve and adapt to the changing world of personalisation
  6. Provide the opportunity to engage in discussion around the translation of these recent developments into a new scientific paradigm.



David Zeevi PhD - Rockefeller University, USA
Prof. John C. Mathers - Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Prof. Lynne Cobiac - CSIRO
Dr Pramod Gopal - New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Ltd
Prof. Deb White - SA Health & Medical Institute
Dr Elisabeth Huynh - Australian National University
Prof. David Cameron-Smith - University of Auckland

Prof. David Cameron-Smith - University of Auckland
Prof. David Bishop - Victoria University
Dr Nathan O’Callaghan - Precision Health Future Science Platform, CSIRO
Prof. Sandra Capra - University of Queensland
Dr Flavia Fayet-Moore - Nutrition Research Australia
Mr Glen Neal - FSANZ

This forward-looking programme is designed to spearhead discussion for the broader food, health and wellness industry, ‘omics science professionals’, nutritionists, dietitians, clinicians, regulators and public health officials.


Join us in learning in from other health focussed disciplines already deep in this area!


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