Monday 5 - Wednesday 7 February 2018
12:00 pm

12th Australian and New Zealand Sensory and Consumer Science Symposium

This symposium is designed to provide new inspiration and knowledge for sensory and consumer professionals. This symposium is an excellent platform for New Zealand and Australian sensory and consumer researchers and professionals to interact with international science leaders in this field, learn about the newest developments in research methods, network and exchange ideas.

Our international guest speaker for 2018 is Prof. Joanne Hort (BEd (Hons), PhD, CSci, FIFST RSensSci) from Massey University.  Prof. Hort will focus on the following topics:

  • Individual variation in sensory perception, context and implicit response.
  • Cross cultural and within cultural differences.
  • Consumer testing using physiological measures of emotion and the impact of context.

Prof. Joanne Hort, previously the SABMiller Chair of Sensory Science at the University of Nottingham, took up the position of Fonterra Chair of Consumer and Sensory Science at Massey University in New Zealand in July 2017. 

At Nottingham Prof. Hort established the University of Nottingham Sensory Science Centre, which is internationally renowned for both its sensory training and research into flavour perception. She has applied her consumer and sensory expertise to understand the complexity of beer flavour alongside other foods and beverages.  Her multidisciplinary approach combining analytical, brain imaging and sensory techniques has provided rich insight into multisensory interactions, individual variation and temporal changes in flavour perception and emotional response to sensory properties leading to over 100 scientific publications with research funding obtained from RCUK, multi-national Industries and Charitable foundations.  As co-founder of Wellcome Trust funded University of Nottingham Research café, Café Connect, she has engaged with consumers throughout the research lifecycle, in real life contexts, to understand food choice decisions.
Prof. Hort is co-author of the key text in Sensory Science Sensory Evaluation: a Practical Handbook and editor of the recently published Time dependent measures of perception in Sensory evaluation.  Joanne sits on the editorial board of Food Quality and Preference.  She is a Fellow of the UK Institute of Food Science and Technology and a founder member and past Chair of the European Sensory Science Society and the Institute of Food Science & Technology’s Sensory Science Group.

Registration includes accommodation for Symposium attendees in private student residential rooms at the Kings College.  Kings College ( is located within the grounds of the University of Queensland's St Lucia campus.


AIFST/NZIFST members: $540

Non-members: $580

Student/graduates: $480

NZIFST members, or non-member students/graduates, please contact to receive the discount code to apply the members price.


Post Symposium:

Anne Hasted (QI Statistics Ltd) will be running a sensory stats course directly following on from the symposium and at the same location. This course is scheduled to follow on from the Sensory Symposium in Brisbane -so we hope you will choose to stay on and spend a couple of days brushing up your statistics and enjoying an extra two evenings with colleagues in Brisbane. If you are not attending the symposium you are of course welcome to join the class!

>> QI Statistics brochure 



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