By The Numbers: All About Grains


The Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council (GLNC) has just completed the 2017 Grains and Legumes Consumption and Attitudinal Study tracking Australian consumption of grainbased foods and legumes. The last study was conducted in 2014.

The big takeaways are that fewer Australians are limiting their consumption of grains in 2017 than in 2014, we are eating more legumes (baked beans, legume soups and dips are the most popular sources), but sadly we are eating less than half the recommended amount of whole grains at under two serves a day! And it would seem that half the population is unclear about what is or is not a whole grain. Perhaps this is a reflection of the fact that more than ever people are looking to family and friends for nutrition advice rather than health professionals.

Australians are eating six serves of grain foods a day, but almost two serves are from non-core grain foods such as pizza, pastries and cakes! Our love affair with
bread continues, with breads such as pita, wraps and tortillas gaining in popularity. Snacking is on the rise, with crispbreads, popcorn and snack bars being eaten across the day.

Let’s take a look at the numbers:

All about grains