Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) - Current Consultations (as at 16 April 2019).


Get up to speed on the basics of how to conduct a product recall, land earn where to go for help in the event of a product recall emergency.
Sydney, 22 February -  Today, Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) is announcing a new distribution partnership with Savannah Bio Systems in Australia, effective on 4 March 2019.
Flavour Creations was proud to represent Australian food innovation at the world's largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition, Gulfood, held in Dubai this month (February 17-21).
Move over kale: 2019 is all about celtuce - celery lettuce- also referred to as stem lettuce, Chinese lettuce, gingsun or wosun. The thick-stemmed vegetable is popular in both China and Taiwan.


The Artisanal Food and Beverage Project is reviewing the skills needed in these industries, identifying and aiming to fill gaps by developing new qualifications and skill sets.
Tuesday, 16 April 2019


Water is essential for life but in many cases is also a vehicle for human illness and even death. World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that contaminated drinking water causes 502,000 diarrhoeal deaths each year and at least 2 billion people consume and use drinking water contaminated with feces.