Love food but hate waste?


Whether it’s making a beautiful Christmas jam out of the fruit you didn’t quite get around to eating or using tomatoes to concoct a homemade sauce, there are myriad ways to creatively use the food that might otherwise be thrown away.


Food reuse and rescue in all its forms is the passion behind the not-for-profit organisation OzHarvest who saves over 100 tonnes of food each week nationwide, ensuring it doesn’t end up in landfill.


Neil Perry, Matt Moran and Adam Liaw are just a few of Australia’s notable celebrity chefs passionate about fighting the growing issue of food waste in our country, championing the cause through their involvement with OzHarvest.


This summer, OzHarvest is partnering with MobileMuster to fight another of Australia’s biggest waste issues - e-waste. For every mobile phone recycled, a meal will be delivered to someone in need, with the aim of seeing 70,000 meals delivered and 70,000 phones recycled.


Getting involved in the mobile for a meal campaign is simple:

  1. Go to and find your nearest place to recycle
  2. Drop off your mobile along with any chargers and accessories into the MobileMuster recycling unit
  3. Or download a reply-paid label from the MobileMuster website and post it back for free
  4. Just make sure you recycle before the end of February 2018 to be a part of Mobile for a Meal