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Our AIFST Industry Services portfolio provides businesses with timely, relevant information 


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AIFST General Manager, Industry Services, Sarah Hyland on 02 9394 8650

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In-line with the 2016-2018 AIFST Strategic Plan, the Industry Services offering was launched in 2016.

AIFST offers a range of services to support food industry businesses through the provision of timely and relevant information to support their current business needs.

As part of our Industry Services portfolio we actively monitor current and emerging industry trends, insights and innovations and offer a suite of services on behalf of the Australian food industry.

We understand that the right information, research and project support is crucial in supporting timely business decisions and delivering projects on time and in full. Our Industry Services portfolio offers businesses and stakeholders:

  • The bespoke curation, synthesis and analysis of information, trends, insights and commercial landscapes into a report and/or presentation specific to your business requirements. 
  • Contract services such as Secretariat services, project management and advice, qualitative and quantitative market research, business model development and strategic business planning. 
  • The design and faciliatation of international workshops to assist your business in exploring a strategy or business topic.