Navigate your career in the food industry

The Career Mapping tools are viewable by AIFST members only.  



Career Mapping Tools can be used by members to assist them as they navigate their career in the food industry.You may wish to work through only one or two of the stages, depending on where you are in your career, or you may need to work through them all.

If you have just completed a university degree and have not had time to think about your future, you may wish to commence at Stage 1 - Self Assessment and ask for assistance from a career coach as you move through the next stages.

If you have set yourself some very clear goals about your future career and been looking for opportunities to access some training or start networking with people from a certain part of the industry, you are in Stage 4 - Implementing the Plan and should start attending CPD events and may wish to update your resume using some of the tips in these tools.

Stage 1 - Self Assessment Stage 

Stage 2 - Develop and Investigate Options

Stage 3 - Decisions and Action Planning

Stage 4 - Implementing the Plan

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