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Cook Chill for Foodservice and Manufacturing: Guidelines for Safe Production, Storage and Distribution

Are you involved in, or planning, cook chill food production in your foodservice operation?

Do you manufacture, or are you planning, ready to eat chilled foods for retail sale?

If the answer is yes, you cannot afford to be without this publication!

Following on from Guidelines for Food Productions Systems, including Food Safety Program, published by the Australian Cook Chill Council in 2000, this book has been revised and updated to reflect new food safety and production information and the growth in the cook chill market for both foodservice and retail sectors.

The content covers:

  • The history of large scale Cook Chill.
  • What is Cook Chill. 
  • Cook Chill flow charts and descriptions.
  • Characteristics of different Cook Chill systems
  • Food safety support programs.
  • Preparing a food safety program or HACCP plan.

Useful background information is provided in the substantial Appendices. This includes food microbiology, food safety regulations, pasteurisation/heat treatment, equipment used in production, storage and distribution, packaging materials, quality aspects and a Glossary of terms and Acronyms. There is also an extensive reference list plus suggestions for further reading and useful websites.




This book is in the process of being digitised. Digital copies should be available for purchase from mid 2019.




Spoilage of Processed Foods: Causes and Diagnosis 

This publication covers a full range of foods, processing methods and spoilage organisms with contributions from more than 40 of Australia’s leading food scientists and microbiologists from research and teaching institutions, laboratories and the food industry.

Following an Introduction on food spoilage, Section 2 reviews the technologies, aspects of the preservation of foods using heat, chilling, water activity, fermentation, preservatives, non-thermal processes and packaging. Section 3 covers the spoilage of various food classes and includes 14 major food groups. Section 4 deals with procedures for investigating and interpreting both microbial and non-microbial spoilage. The final section looks at the organisms themselves, and covers the physiology, ecology and taxonomy of spoilage organisms and methods for their detection and identification. Ten different microbial groups are covered.

This book is a must on the shelf of every food microbiologist and food quality practitioner.

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History of the AIFST

‘Birth of a Profession: a History of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology’ is the story of the founding and first four decades of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology.

The history has been compiled by Dr Keith Farrer OBE, 2nd AIFST President (1969-71), Jack Kefford, 3rd AIFST President (1971-73), and Past Food Australia Editor, and Emeritus Professor Ken Buckle, 15th AIFST President (1995-97) and Past Public Officer.


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Foodborne Microorganisms of Public Health Significance



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