Hear from Laura Baker, Food Technologist, Milk and Milk Beverages at Lion


What does your workplace look like?

Open Plan Office. We have a Pilot Plant and Lab/Kitchen facilities on site for NPD work.

What are typical activities in your day-to-day work?

On any given day we could be sat in on Project Lifecycle Meetings (we call them Venture Teams), meeting with Suppliers to discuss new Flavours or Innovations, flying out to one of many of our Milk Manufacturing sites in Australia to run Factory Trials, checking and approving Artwork, creating Finished Product Specifications and/or creating and reviewing Raw Material Specifications for internal use.


What skills you need to do this work?

Good Project and Time Management skills, ability to be agile and make quick decisions, strong Problem Solving skills and you have to be a people person! We deal with the corporate  and manufacturing worlds on a daily basis.


You may enjoy this type of job if you are interested/experienced in ………….

Food Science and Manufacturing or experience Food Safety and/or Quality Assurance, it always helps when doing New Product Development. Above all else, you have to like being busy!