A Day in the Life Of.. A Food Science and Technical Consultant

I decided to start up a food science and consultancy business in January 2000. This was a testing time and a big challenge in a new environment and totally out of my comfort zone. The first five years were challenging to say the least and this is the time where one has to really establish the business. The first five years are economically very testing and if you can surpass this then one can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once you achieve one client and work with them, then word gets around and before you know it you have got more clients coming your way. It is a slow process. I went to the library and searched on books to read on becoming a successful business. I took some tips from these books and applied them to my business.


The idea in consultancy is to be patient and network by attending conferences and seminars and making sure to present your business card at every opportunity. I also read up on how to write and prepare a winning proposal to capture new businesses. My consultancy is very diverse in that I also provide services to conduct food safety audits and training to various sectors. I have also specialised in food labelling, organic certification support etc.


It is vital that one has good Professional indemnity Insurance and Product and Public liability Insurance. It is also important to ensure that one also caters to have Income Protection Insurance, so that if for any reason one cannot work for a number of months due to trauma, illness etc. then one can still obtain at least 75 per cent of their annual income to keep going.


With any business one has their peaks and troughs. I have decided to keep my consultancy small and boutique so that it is manageable. I have found the business suits my lifestyle to provide me with the flexibility that I am seeking.