Wednesday 20 September 2017
12:00 pm
Zoe Doubleday is a Research Fellow at the University of Adelaide and an ecologist with a particular focus on marine and freshwater systems.
Zoe also actively researches ways to improve scientific writing to facilitate better transfer of knowledge among scientists and the broader community. She is a keen proponent of “scicomm” and always interested in new ways of getting science out there to the outside world.
Zoe recently co-authored a paper Publishing with Objective Charisma: Breaking Science’s Paradox, that examines how accessible prose boosts the influence of publications and results in science that is read, understood and remembered. 
Zoe has accepted an invitation from the Institute to deliver a webinar that looks at ways to make scientific writing more accessible. 
Please join us as we examine:
The other side of scientific writing: increasing reader engagement and readership
Publications are the universal currency for communication among scientists. But they are generally composed of dense, uninspiring language that can be laborious to wade through and difficult to understand. While objectivity and scholarship are cornerstones of scientific writing, there is another ingredient that is rarely emphasised or taught: the accessibility of the prose, the X-factor that captures the reader’s imagination with clear and engaging messages. Building on from the presenters’ recent publication in Trends in Ecology and Evolution, this is what this seminar will be about – how to increase the readability and readership of our writing to boost the influence of what we write.
Please note the webinar will commence 12:00pm AEST - (11:30am ACST). Internet access will be required to join. 

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