Wednesday, 26 October 2016
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The NSW Microbiology Community of Interest presents an evening of Fermentation Fun, including how to make fermentation work, what happens when foods are fermented and why fermentation occurs. The event will cover three specific examples of fermented foods or beverages including wine, cheese and chocolate.

Join Dr Hugh Dircks, Senior Scientist at Mars Global Chocolate who will explain chocolate fermentation in his presentation, Cocoa –Out of the Stone Age, Mohan Bhargava who is the Director/Principal Consultant at Dairy Industry Solutions who will be discussing fermentation and dairy. A third speaker will discuss the basics of the winemaking process, technological advancements and fermentation processes involved with creating wine.

The evening will also include a special testimonial to the late Professor Graham Fleet who was an internationally recognised expert in food and beverage fermentation.

What to expect:

  • Welcome and introduction with dinner provided (platters of food, drinks, tea, coffee)
  • Three speakers covering a range of fermentation processes and topics
  • A  tasting of award-winning chocolate, dairy and wines to help attendees better understand how fermentation occurs and its impact on foods
  • Tasting sessionsare 45 minutes in length with groups splitting into three to try the samples
  • Panel discussion with speakers to answer questions

Suitable for food science and technology students, graduates and members who want to come along, learn something new and sample some great food!

Date:    Wednesday, 26 October 2016
Time:    6.00 – 9.00pm
Costs:   Student Members:  $33.00 (ncl GST)
              Non-Member Students: $44.00 (inc GST)
              Members: $66.00 (inc GST)
              Non-Members: $77.00 (inc GST)
RSVP:  Monday, 24 October 2016

Location: AIFST 11 Julius Avenue, North Ryde, NSW, 2113
Parking:  Parking is available near Mount Street, William Street or Walker Street North Sydney. There is a Wilson car park on William Street. The train stops at North Sydney which is a five minute walk to the office. Press Level 1 in the lift.

For more information contact Membership Services and Events Coordinator Emily Rundle. Phone: 02 9394 8655.

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