Supporting members at every stage of their career  


AIFST takes a leadership role in providing ongoing support and development of Australia’s food industry professionals. AIFST is currently developing a robust industry framework to underpin the skill and capability building of Australia’s food industry professionals.

The aim is to ensure they are supported at every stage of their career, as well as to identify industry areas where new training is required to underpin the future growth of the Australian food industry. The Institute provides members with a range of support tools and resources to underpin their ongoing skill and capability building including:


Career Mapping Tools

This is specifically designed to assist with career progression and goals within the food industry.

To buld on the benefits offered by the Career Tools Package, AIFST is designing a new mentoring program to support the development of talented professsionals.

Objectives include developing the skill and judgement of mentees, helping mentees to identify their career goals and the paths to achieve them, providing a sounding board for day-to-day professional problems, and expanding professional networks.

Professional Scientists Remuneration Survey Summary Report

Members of AIFST can determine their value in the Australian market through access to the annual Professional Scientists Remuneration Survey.

Global Certified Food Scientist credential

This first-of-its-kind international certification enables food professionals to gain recognition for their application of science knowledge in the food sector. Members with degrees in food science and related fields are eligible for the certification, which is offered by AIFST in conjunction with the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

AIFST is also working to establish a formal accreditation system for Australian food science professionals. It is proposed that food scientists and technologists with recognised tertiary qualifications and a number of years' experience (to be agreed) will automatically qualify for accreditation.

In order to retain the qualification, accredited practitioners will be required to undertake an ongoing minimum level of professional development. Further work will be done to develop an AIFST accreditation system over the next 12 to 18 months.

Continuing Professional Development Program (CPD) workshops and seminars

AIFST provides a range of technical and short courses catering to food industry professionals at all stages of their career development, including current updates on recent regulatory changes.The Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) provides support for the AIFST CPD program.

Emerging Leaders Network

AIFST members have the opportunity to apply for the Emerging Leaders Network, an annual global leadership program that seeks to develop the next generation of food industry leaders. The Australian representative is selected from member nominations and AIFST sponsors the winner to participate in the three-day program held annually in the United States.


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