Asia Australia Food Innovations Conference - March 2016 

The Asia Australia Food Innovations Conference focused on innovation – how to innovate and what technological developments have occurred that will assist the Australian food and agri-business industries to market, distribute and expand their presence in overseas markets, particularly those in Asia.


Day 1 

Session 1 - Agrifood Security

Agri-food security in Asia: Trends, needs and opportunities - Prof. Paul Teng
Hamish Gow - N/A
Innovative methods for Biofilm control: Enhancing food safety and security - Gary Dykes


Session 2 - Functional food and health

Megatrends shaping innovation opportunities for the Australian agri-food industry - Chris Downs
Stuart Johnson - N/A
Objective carcase measurement for lean meat yield and eating quality - Graham Gardner
Steve Lapridge - N/A
Using nutrition to drive innovation - Sharon Natoli


Session 3 - Value adding for export

Roman Buckow - N/A
Innovation and value: thinking differently - Barry McGookin
Breeding for udon noodle - Tress Walmsley
Enzymatic hydrolosis of tuna waste to develop higher value products - Kerri Choo


Session 4 - Grains innovation

Trends and insights driving grain innovation - Sarah Hyland
Richard Simonaitis - N/A
Mark Gibberd - N/A
Developing healthier bakery products - opportunities and challenges - Stan Cauvain
Sabori Mitra - N/A


Day 2 

Session 2 Concurrent 1 - Export marketing

Asia and Middle East senior buyer insights - Najib Lawand
Andre Teixeira - N/A
Using consumer insights to market red meat to Asia - Vivian Harris
Hollis Ashman & Melindee Hastie - N/A
Are you export ready for Asia? - Gint Silins


Session 2 Concurrent 2 - Applications of advanced food analysis techniques

Handheld XRF for foreign body identification - Jaakko McVey
REIMS research system with iKnife sampling - Steve Wilson
N/A- Claudia Philipp
Biofortification of zinc and selenium in macadamaia nuts - Ujang Tinggi
High pressure processing ion the avocado industry - Jennie Franceschi


Session 3 Concurrent 1 - Asian perspective

Developments of Asia Pacific Food Analysis Networks - Florentinus Winarno
Indonesia food safety regulation and opportunity to support the food innovation in Indonesia - Tetty Helfery Sihombing
Hong Kong: Food and wiine trading hub in Asia - Bonnie Shek 
Opportunities to partner with the indonesia food industry - Adhi Lukman 


Session 3 Concurrent 2 - Sensory & other techniques - The consumers' perspective

Understanding Asian consumer sensory preferences - Jessica Heffernan
Psychological and emotional responses in assessing consumers'sensory behaviour and liking - Damir Dennis Torrico
Exploring the gift-giving experiences of young Chinese customers - Madeline Judge
Environmental impacts on food safety and quality - Stewart Jones


Session 4 - Dairy session

Driving Australia's dairy exports into Asia - Ian Olnstead
Trends in dairy: their influence on product development - Andrew Weinert
Encapsulated whey for stockfeed - Tuna Dincer
Natalie Sarich-Dayton - N/A
Carbon dioxide containg powder production: an innovative application to extend the shelf-life of cottage cheese - Minh Thao Ho