Tuesday 10 September 2019
9:00 am to 2:30 pm


Join the AIP Warehouse Volunteering Program; either as an individual, with your staff and colleagues, or even with your families. The AIP will work directly with Foodbank Victoria to book in some days where our volunteers can visit the Yarraville Warehouse and help pick and pack on-line orders and mixed grocery boxes. The day will start with a formal introduction on how Foodbank Victoria works and information on their charity partners.
You have the option to attend in April, July or September. The AIP Team will be split over two sections - the Mixed Grocery Hamper Section and the Pick Pack Food Order Section.
Mixed Grocery Hamper Section
The mixed grocery volunteering program involves physically packing hampers of food staples that have been donated by generous members in our community via workplace, school and individual food collections. These mixed grocery hampers are distributed via their network of 470 charities they support in Victoria, to pass on to the many disadvantaged Victorians currently experiencing food insecurity. These mixed grocery hampers will either be distributed directly to a family seeking support or used in meal programs or community pantry programs at the charity organisation.
Pick Pack Food Order Section
Each day Foodbank Victoria distributes approximately 30,000 kilograms of food and household items which are used in meal preparation programs, mobile food vans, community pantries and emergency food hampers to assist vulnerable Victorians. Each weekday, they rely on their regular and corporate volunteers to physically pack food orders for their charity partners. As the largest provider of food relief, Foodbank Victoria works with 470 registered charity partners across Victoria, ranging from large organisations such as the Salvation Army and St Vincent de Paul to smaller locally run community organisations.
Expectations for the Day
- Arriving at 9.00 am the AIP Team will be split over Mixed Grocery Hampers and Pick Pack Orders and your shift will be between 4 to 5 hours.
- The day will conclude at approximately 2.30 pm.
- The AIP team will be provided regular breaks including a 30-minute lunch.
- AIP Members to Bring their Own lunch.
- Comfortable clothing suitable for lifting, bending and repetitive movements is recommended.
- Shorts/pants and a t-shirt/jumper is ideal. Dresses and skirts are not recommended as they could catch on racking/stock.
- The site has small lockers (20cm x 30cm x 40cm) so please bring few personal items.
- Due to the physical nature of the work, this task is not suitable for anyone with muscular, skeletal or back injuries.
- This task may not be suitable for pregnant volunteers.
- The day involves significant amounts of lifting, twisting/turning and repetitive movements, packing products from a conveyor belt.


Tuesday 10 September 2019


9.00 am - 2:30pm (approx finish time)


All attendees must wear flat-soled, solid roof enclosed shoes (no high heels, open toe shoes or sneakers/running shoes).
With limited spots available for each packing day and a large list of Members, colleagues and friends that are interested, please ensure that you confirm your attendance as soon as possible. Anyone is invited to attend.