AIFST 2021 Director  Applications


The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Limited (AIFST) is the independent voice and network for Australia’s food industry professionals to underpin and support their contribution to the Australian and global food industry. Following prior international linkages, the Institute was formally established in 1967. AIFST has a small Sydney based CEO-led team.

The organisation is focused on the strategic priorities of grow, learn, connect and champion:

       Grow – personal development, growing the next generation of food scientists and technologists and growing the Institute.

       Learn – about the industry, about advances in science and technology, about other sectors, about things you don’t know or need to know. 

       Connect – connecting members with members, members with industry, industry with industry, to meet like minded people.

       Champion – a voice for food science and food scientists within industry, academia, grow respect for the industry and the profession.

AIFST Board Composition 

The AIFST Board is a skills-based board currently comprising 7 non-executive directors. The AIFST Constitution requires two non-executive Directors to retire each year. Appointments are for a period of three years, with retiring Directors able to nominate for re-election and serve a maximum of two terms. Accordingly, there is a need for the recruitment of two Directors in 2021.

A director is not required to be an AIFST member to qualify for appointment, but at least five directors must be full voting members of the company at all times. For the 2021 Board election, at least one of the two Directors elected at the 2021 AGM is required to be a member of AIFST.

Further information about the AIFST is available on our website.

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