5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Professional Organisation


By Joy Dell’Aringa

Originally published by IFT: https://blog.ift.org/5-reasons-why-you-should-join-a-professional-organi...


1. Professional Development – Safe Ways to Stretch Into New Roles and Skill Sets

The wide range of opportunities in industry organizations can offer a glimpse into future career development or offer a learning experience that rounds out your professional repertoire. These cross-functional opportunities may not be readily available in your company, but industry organizations are always looking for professionals to volunteer.


2. Develop Your Network & Identify Mentors

Networking at events and symposiums will bring you into contact with people doing the same things as you are, facing the same challenges. You also have the opportunity to interact with the regulatory sector to learn from them. 


3. Gain Industry Insights

Educational learning opportunities through technical committees, short courses, and symposiums can bring key advantages to giving you and your company a jump on implementing new technologies and trends. Understanding regulatory changes, implications, and perhaps most important, insights on how regulators will interpret and enact changes can also be gleaned from organization engagement. 


4. Create Your Personal Brand

Who are you in the Industry? What do you want to be known for? Through industry engagement, you can develop your personal brand and carry that image into your career. Do you strive to be a facilitator and connector? Run for a leadership position. Do you want to be known as a technical leader and subject matter expert? Lead a technical committee or task force. 


5. Personal Fulfillment – Increased Health & Happiness

Industry advocacy and engagement can bring an immense sense of personal fulfillment, especially when you are able to contribute and make an impact on the organization. Not only that, it can make you feel better, too.