Australian Food and Grocery Council – Product Information Form V6.0 (PIF V6.0) Survey – Invitation to participate


The AFGC is conducting this survey on PIF V6.0 to gather information to assist with the roll out of the online version. 
The purpose of this survey is to assist the AFGC to understand how the PIF V6.0 will be used by the wider food industry to help guide further development of user support, including training and materials.
The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
Does this apply to my company?
If your company is currently completing PIFs as a supplier or requesting PIFs as a customer, then the survey will be relevant to your business
Single response per business: it is possible that your business may have received this survey request more than once.
It is important that the survey is completed only once by each business and we therefore request your assistance in ensuring that the survey is directed to the most appropriate person within your business.
About the survey
The information that you may provide will remain anonymous and will be treated with strict confidence by the AFGC.  At no stage will you be identified, or the information linked to your business
Method of Contacting You
This invitation has been sent to you directly as your contact details are on our mailing list or the mailing list of a partner organisation.
Assistance with the Questionnaire
Should you have any questions, or require further information about the survey please contact the AFGC PIF Manager on email:
Voluntary Participation
Please note that you are not obliged to participate in this survey.  However, AFGC would greatly appreciate any information you may provide us.
Please click on the link below to enter the survey. If clicking on the link does not activate the survey, please copy and paste the link into your internet browser.
The Survey will be open until Friday 18 October.